Piers’ Working Party Feb 2022

Over the last couple of years we have been working on the woodland on the east bank of the river up above the car park, known as Colquite Wood. We are blessed with some huge Douglas firs in this wood, some think the tallest tree in Cornwall is amongst their numberBut there is only a little light that gets through the canopy these monster trees create and it is in this twilight zone that we are trying to encourage native species of tree to prosper, so when the tall trees either fall or are cleared at some stage in the future, we will have a ready made native…

Woodlands and Rivers need each other

On many hills and uplands in the UK where soil quality is low, foresters have to bring in rock phosphate from Morocco in order to get their spruce trees to grow.  This is hugely expensive, expending enormous energy in mining and transport to help establish plantations.  Researchers in Canada found that salmon in mountain rivers contain a high level of phosphate which they have absorbed from the sea while migrating.  

The Woods in Lockdown 2020

    In response to the increase in visitor numbers, we have been busy looking at ways to improve safety.  Once you are over the footbridge in Stara Woods you are quite a way from civilisation so visitors need to take care to avoid accidents as in most cases, help will not be at hand. We have moved our notice board so that it can be more easily seen and produced a number of simple messages to help visitors stay safe and look after the woodlands.           We have also installed a lifebuoy and lifeline adjacent to the bridge to meet the requirements of…

‘Managing England’s Woodlands in a Climate Emergency’

We have received some very helpful advice recently in the form of a new publication from the Forestry Commission, which is a practical guide as to what we should do today, rather than trying to be too specific about what might or might not happen in the future.

Simon’s Article – August 2019

  “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare” Japanese proverb


You may already have started to see some notices in the woods asking walkers to ‘SNIP AS YOU GO’. This will help us with footpath maintenance, especially when the brambles are growing thick and fast. So I hope you’ll pop a pair of secateurs (and maybe some tough gardening gloves!) in your pocket when you go down there, & do your bit to help us keep the footpaths clearer for everyone.

Essential Bridge Maintenance 2018

During a recent routine inspection of the bridge, a major defect was discovered which required urgent attention.  Although not immediately necessary to take the bridge out of action, a repair was needed.  One of the main suspension cables was noted as almost touching the steel structure of the West pier which left untouched would have caused the wire to wear, eventually causing the wire to part and the bridge to collapse.  With this knowledge, the area will be inspected more regularly. to ensure emergency repair is not necessary and can be planned to coincide with better weather.

Stara Woods Update – Sept 2018

The working party have been busy improving some of the drainage in Colquite.

Stara Woods Update July 2018

JULY & AUGUST WORKING PARTIES   A good turnout in July saw work carried out in various areas: cutting back bramble from footpaths; repair work to the gatepost at the top of Broadwood; culling of ash saplings affected by ash die-back; work on digging channels at the Broadwood side of the bridge to deal with the problem of winter flooding

Building the New Shelter

With the loss of the shelter in the gales of 2016 a smaller but more robust shelter is being constructed. 

Stara Woods Update March 2018

Well, we really DID get snow in March, and how! I didn’t manage to get down to take any photos, but thanks to Stuart Dow who took these: