Here’s some of the goodies ready for sharing after the workers had continues with work to feel smaller conifers to let in more light to the river in Broad Wood, and to be used to add to the defensive measures to protect the river bank from erosion.

Meanwhile, Cathy was doing a ‘stock check’ on all the items in the tool store, necessary for insurance purposes, and we were setting up the all-important food table!

Unfortunately, the working party had to cope without Piers, who was called to deal with another emergency, but managed to get back in time for some food and mulled wine! Here we all are: Sitting down together gave us the opportunity to review things, and to talk about planned work for the coming year. One idea we were exploring was that of a fitting memorial to Mike Todd for everything he had contributed to the woods – more of that in a later edition.



Over the coming couple of weeks, before we hopefully get into warmer and drier weather, it’s really important to take extra care, particularly beside the river when it’s in spate and fast enough to carry away both dogs and people, and very difficult to get out again. Also, the wooden slats of the bridge get very slippery when wet despite efforts to keep them clean – please cross with great care and use the ropes on either side to help you stay upright. Let’s all try very hard to avoid any accidents. All the paths are pretty muddy right now, but especially the Broad Wood side. And let’s hope it’s not too long before drier (and warmer) days become more frequent, and the paths have time to dry out and become much more pleasant for walkers.