No – don’t worry! This isn’t Stara Bridge – many of you will recognise it as the new Tintagel Castle bridge (& the old one underneath it). The photo was taken by Jen, and we’re just glad that repair and maintenance of our bridge doesn’t involve, as Jen witnessed, “two of the crew hanging off the side on ropes to check the structure underneath. There was brisk wind so they swayed around quite a bit…” At least our stalwart crew only have to stand in the river….

In the meantime, Pete has had a conversation with a bridge inspector, answered questions that were asked and has sent photos of before & after the repairs. We are awaiting the outcome of this, and hopefully by the time you read this the bridge will be open again.

Looking back over the past ten years, I came upon this extract from January 2013, shortly after the bridge was completed:

“Here’s me on the bridge the day Bill & his team were finishing it off! As you can see, I’m very pleased with the result! We are extremely grateful to the CHAHP project team and the Heritage Lottery Fund for giving us this once-in-a- lifetime opportunity, as it’s very doubtful that we could have raised the funds ourselves. It’s always felt important to me that the community should have access to the woods, while respecting the ecology & wildlife, & this is a major step forward in enabling that more safely. We do ask that you keep dogs on leads on the Broad Wood side of the woods by the river, & keep them out of the river on that side, to protect the fish spawning grounds.

Another addition to the woods that we have to thank the CHAHP project for will be the new information board & signs, being prepared at present, which we hope very much will be in place by March 3. And it’s a good time to say a very big

‘Thank You’ to Mike Todd & the amount of work he has put in on both. Without him, neither the bridge nor the signs would have happened.”

This is also another reminder of just how much of a loss Mike’s death last year has been to us all, and to Stara Woods in particular. We are still working towards a suitable memorial to recognise his enduring contributions.