This month I am giving a plug for a recently published book by Data Analyst Dr Hannah Ritchie. ‘Not the End of the World’ is a really important book. For decades we have been bombarded with TV and media articles telling us how imperilled we all are by the many environmental crises and how hopeless we are at trying to solve them.

Hannah Ritchie looks at the big picture. She has taken a hard look at all the data and sees positive trends in almost all aspects of environmental protection in recent years. She works her way through all the main topics from sustainability, air pollution or climate change, through to food, biodiversity loss and overfishing. She looks at how we have managed to get ourselves into such a mess, what we have been doing about it, and how much more we still need to do. All these problems are solvable, and we are on the way to achieving this, but she is far from being complacent. We need to rapidly accelerate almost all of the measures we are taking to

protect the planet as a matter of urgency. All of us must take much more action both as individuals but putting pressure on our leaders to take much more action with far greater urgency. Her data shows us exactly how we should be prioritising these changes.

She writes with amazing clarity and, even with all the graphs and numbers, this is not a difficult book to read. You may find some of her conclusions surprising, many are controversial but finally thanks to Hannah we can have a hopeful and informed debate about how we get out of this terrible mess in a rational and sensible way.

At the moment ‘Not the End of the World’ is only available in hard back at £22 but get a copy if you can and pass it on. You can listen to her TED talk wherever you get your podcasts.


My recovery continues, but is a slow and painful process, and I won’t be in a fit state to do very much for at least another month, probably longer, hence this short piece, as typing, along with all other daily tasks, takes so much longer and needs much more energy with only one arm and hand. Not to mention the utterly impossible tasks – ever tried stuffing a double duvet into a cover with one hand while the other is weighted down by a moveable brace??? Thank goodness for all the help I’m getting from lovely friends and neighbours.

And the drifts of snowdrops are looking wonderful, daffodil buds are beginning to open, the days are much longer now, and we’re even getting some sunshine. We have the promise of the wonders of spring just around the corner. Here’s to good times ahead in the woods.