Piers’ Working Party Report March 2023 Early March and the weather seems a little more typical after a strangely dry February. But we are still in that window for tree clearing so this Bee we were back up into Colquite to continue the work clearing seedling firs. BUT… we were armed with a couple of super-saws which make quite a difference. Still handsaws, but seemingly can cut dramatically better than our previous models.

The pile of felled timber steadily grows and is now stacked along the middle path across the steep bank that is Colquite Wood. This timber is going to be a vital component of the next project we have planned in Broad Wood – a new path to take the pressure off the riverside path which is under strain from erosion and loss of tree cover.

Piers’ Working Party Report March 2023So the next challenge is going to be shifting this timber down to the river and then across the bridge. We have intentionally kept the lengths as long as possible because they are going to be used to build a retaining wall under the new path as it goes up to and over the leat. If anyone feels they need a workout in the woodland gym then start come join us at the next working party and haul timber.

We’ll be there on the 1st April, but I’ll be away so thank you in advance – see you there again in early May