Apologies from the Stara crew this month. A combination of a festive working bee (or in other words less work more eating and talking) and very sleepy dormice, there is little news from your favourite conservation project this month. The Woods have been very wet through December but the extended dry weather through the first half of January means it is a far less muddy visit right now. But the rain will return and with it the mud, We have noticed, when it is wet, that people make new paths around the mud. While wholly understandable this does create longer term issues as the wider paths take longer to recover. Please, wherever possible be brave and wade through the mud. This part of the path is already a mess but at least the problem is not growing. One of the ,missions this year for the working bees will be to improve drainage in the worst patches, so your patience is appreciated. Here’s Piers to talk more about our working bees….


My apologies for this rather shorter newsletter, and thanks to Piers for stepping into the breach this month. Unfortunately, on January 8th I managed to slip on a patch of black ice and pretty badly broke my lower humerus and elbow, leaving me in no fit state to produce the newsletter in time for the Link deadline. At the moment, as I live alone, it’s taking all my time to do the everyday tasks I can manage with one functional hand & arm and to get help with those I can’t. Recovery is a lengthy and quite painful process,so it’ll be some time until I can get down to the woods. Thank goodness for the supportive team who are totally capable of carrying on without me!

And last, but by no means least …….