Hi to all Friends of Stara Wood

Monday the 8th May has been decreed a “BIG HELP OUT” day (https://thebighelpout.org.uk) where our new king has requested that we all get out and do something to improve our local area. In response Stara Woods (a former Duchy property) has cancelled our normal Bee on Saturday the 6th and instead we will be holding an open day on the 8th (from 10.00) where all existing (and possibly new) friends can come along and learn what they can do to help…. and how.

Traditionally our working parties/ bees are only for some, poor health and age catches up with all of us and physical activity in often difficult terrain is not everyone’s cup of tea.

BUT …. Our committee has decided that we also need to improve our knowledge base about what fauna and flora is present in the woods, what this presence tells us about the state of the woods and what we can then do to reach our ultimate goal of returning ALL the woodland to its original Temperate Rain Forest status. Helping to gather that data might be more up your street?

So come to your woodland on Monday 8th . There will be;

  • training sessions on capturing data about our fauna and flora.
  • training sessions on maintaining hand tools.
  • displays about current activity.
  • guided walks around the wood showing what has been done, what needs to be done and anything else the guide can think of to tell you!!!!
  • Cups of tea and cakes!

We have a hugely important asset for the nation in these woods and we all need to be more active in nurturing it, someway, somehow!.

Finally, for those of you who can take part in the Working Bees but can’t make Saturday mornings we are planning to have a “mid-week bee” each month (as well as the 1st Saturday of the month ones) through the summer – the first one will be on Thursday 18th May starting at 5.00 pm. As usual, sensible footwear, clothing and some sort of refreshment are advised and meet at the car park!

See you there!