EROSION & ITS PREVENTION – A NOTE FROM ANNEWalking down to look at the fallen Sweet Chestnut this morning, I was able to see more of the barriers that our workers have been putting in place to limit access to the river for most of the way along the stretch of footpath from the Stara Bridge entrance to the bridge. I do hope that all walkers, and dog walkers, will respect them. We only do it because it’s vital to protect the river bank from erosion. A section to enable limited access to the river has been left open.

EROSION & ITS PREVENTION – A NOTE FROM ANNEAlso, with the river running at a higher level and faster than usual at this time of the year, please be careful there – it is one of the slower flowing parts, but still worth being aware. You can all help us by reminding anyone you see crossing the barriers of the reason that they’re there, and asking them to respect them.

On my way to see the fallen Sweet Chestnut, I also passed another older fallen Chestnut – our old bridge, the only way to access Broad Wood and Treovis Wood before our present bridge was built. Still standing, but not safe any more (if it ever truly was!!), as there is no longer a hand rail and there are definite signs of rot, so PLEASE don’t attempt to use it.

That’s it for this month – shorter than usual because I’ve been away, and the weather’s restricted what we’ve been able to achieve. Let’s hope that by the next newsletter we’ll have had some warmer and drier weather, so that we’ll have been able to enjoy more walks in the woods!