In response to the increase in visitor numbers, we have been busy looking at ways to improve safety.  Once you are over the footbridge in Stara Woods you are quite a way from civilisation so visitors need to take care to avoid accidents as in most cases, help will not be at hand.

We have moved our notice board so that it can be more easily seen and produced a number of simple messages to help visitors stay safe and look after the woodlands.






We have also installed a lifebuoy and lifeline adjacent to the bridge to meet the requirements of our insurance.  THIS IS FOR SAFETY USE ONLY and should not be tampered with or removed except in an emergency.

Later in the autumn we have some more tree felling to undertake on safety grounds. This includes trees close to the car park so we may have to close this for a few hours.  We are also having to start felling ash trees which have succumbed to ash die-back disease. Some trees now have less than half their crown still alive and are either close to the main footpaths or to buildings. We are trying to keep the trees for as long as possible but safety for visitors has to take priority. Where there are no risks we will just leave the ash trees to see how long they can survive. Almost all the ash trees now show symptoms of infection..