Rewilding : Be careful what you wish for.....Rewilding : Be careful what you wish for…..

I took this photo of a bushy little Sitka Spruce tree growing near the top of Kilmar Tor in a crevice where the sheep can’t reach to graze it. It must have self seeded from the plantation at Smallacoombe about a kilometre away. Every year there must be thousands upon thousands of these spruce trees germinating across East Moor and Twelve Men’s Moor, only to be chewed off by the sheep. So if in the future sheep farming becomes unviable and the moor is left to ‘rewild’, native scrub and woodland is unlikely to take the place of the mat and purple moor grass. Instead, we will probably see impenetrable thickets of Sitka Spruce growing between patches of dense bracken. It would all need very careful planning and management to work to benefit wildlife and would not be at all wild.

Thanks to Piers & Simon for their regular contributions. Yesterday it was a real pleasure to show two friends who live over on the North Coast around the woods, as they’d never been there before, and to watch their reactions and listen to their appreciative comments. Stara was showing its beautiful autumn colours, and I think it’s fair to say that they were amazed by what we have achieved.

As always, thank you to everyone of our Friends and volunteers for your continued support. It makes it all worthwhile.