Stara Woodsto the willing workers who mended the broken plank on the bridge after it was reported. Here’s the work being done, and the result. Laurence has now purchased additional wood as during the work it was discovered that some of the other planks and supports also needed replacing. This may mean a short closure of the bridge while this is undertaken.


Stara WoodsAt last, the kind of work that suits my age & reducing physical ability! We are undertaking a survey of the woods in order to collect important information we need to record to assess how the woods are changing over time and with climate change, and to aid grant applications. Dan will be adding this to his electronic map of the woods which will be then accessible to everyone. We need more volunteers to help with this.

At June’s working party, Simon told us how Dan has divided the woods into ‘compartments’ and that we needed to survey sample areas across all the
compartments. He introduced us to the draft forms for recording the information that we would trial and how to conduct the survey.

We then measured out a sample ‘circle’ and did our first survey. Much hilarity ensued! We chose a different part of the woods to do a second survey, and talked about how
easy (or not!) the recording forms were to use, and suggested amendments. It was an enjoyable and informative morning – if you’re interested, do come along to the next working party, or contact Simon or myself about this.