I’m writing this newsletter just after the death of Queen Elizabeth ll, and all the reminiscing that has been going on since has led me to start reminiscing about Stara Woods. Next January, 2023, it will be twenty years since I became the owner of what was then three separate woods, Colquite Wood, Broad Wood and Treovis Wood, later to be collectively named as Stara Woods. Some background: Stara Woods and the then surrounding woodlands originally formed part of a large estate, called, I believe, Carneddon*, part of the Duchy of Cornwall, and dating back to the original Duke of Cornwall, Edward of Woodstock, eldest son of King Edward lll of England. Over time the estate was divided up and sold off, until in 2002 the part that included our woodlands was put on the market by the then owner, Michael Hooper, and that’s where I came in!

Edward of Woodstock became known as the Black Prince, possibly because of the colour of his armour. King Edward created the Duchy of Cornwall as a private estate in 1337 to provide independence to his son and heir, who he made Duke of Cornwall in 1337. As Edward died before his father , he never became king. Instead, his son became King Richard ll. There is a rumour, that may contain an element of fact, that the prince had a hunting lodge on the estate, possibly in Broad Wood. Here are two images of the Black Prince:

In 1969, when Charles was 21, he became entitled to the full income of the Duchy and took over its management. A charter, still observed today, rules that each future Duke of Cornwall is the eldest surviving son of the monarch and heir to the throne, and so William becomes the new Duke of Cornwall. The revenue from the estate is used to fund the public, private and charitable activities of the Duke and his immediate family. Although the Duchy estate does not include the entire county of Cornwall, the Duchy has a special relationship with Cornwall, as well as certain rights and responsibilities which relate to the county as a whole. I wonder if one of the new Duke’s charitable activities might be to give us a donation?