SIMON'S PIECE - TIMBER!Look closely at this super kitchen and you can see what can be achieved with beams cut from Douglas Fir trees grown in this country. Increasingly architects are designing buildings with wood rather than steel because of its much lower carbon footprint and long- term sustainability.

The Douglas Firs and Spruce at the top of Colquite Wood have been slowly fixing Carbon from the atmosphere for nearly 70 years. There is now over 1000 tonnes of timber here which needs to find a high-end market. As long structural beams or purlins, there is no reason why all the carbon cannot be stored within a building for another 200 years or longer.

The Douglas Fir trees at the top of Colquite are now due for felling and replacing them with oak and other broadleaves (we are keeping all the big conifers alongside the river). Some of the Douglas Fir could be processed and milled at Stara, making it easier to move out of the valley. This would suit someone who wants to build several bespoke timber frame structures, so do get in touch if you are interested.