Looking back to last April’s Working Bee, it heartened me to see we were also dodging rain clouds on April 2nd 2023. I don’t know about you, but it feels to me like we have had biblical rain for best part of February, March and now April. Certainly, the entire woods (including the steep slopes of Colquite and Treovis, plus the flatter parts along the river in Broadwood) is covered in sloppy and slippy mud . I had hoped we could open the footbridge, but it is just not sensible right now. I dream, as you read this in early May, that this rain is a thing of the past and the garden is not too overgrown!!! BTW, does anyone know what a cubit is in metric terms?

PIERS’ WORKING BEES REPORTLast April we spent the Bee planting young trees in the area above the caravan and this month we re-visited this area and doled out TLC to the trees as they emerge from their winter slumbers. It’s looking pretty good up there. The original planting some 20 years ago has established a basic group of trees and then the planting sessions in 2019 and 2023 means we now have a young wood rather than a rough old field with a few trees sprinkled around. But the old foe of last year’s bracken and brambles mean that it isn’t plain sailing for these new trees and our efforts clearing their immediate surroundings and lower branches, plus straightening those that have leaned over means they have a decent crack at putting in some solid growth through 2024. It’s a very therapeutic activity with visible and immediate results which is a really nice change from the hard graft we have had to put in over the winter. Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer (tra la la, warble)! (On the left is an encouraging photo from 10 years ago, May 2014 – let’s hope May 2024 is like this!)

Speaking of graft, the car park is gradually emerging as more “803” hardcore was delivered and spread out. We’re not finished yet but hopefully one more push will see it done. Thank you to everyone who turned out in the dubious weather (although it didn’t actually rain) and we can  all look forward to some more therapy next

PIERS’ WORKING BEES REPORTPIERS’ WORKING BEES REPORT(Two photos nearly 4 years apart, both showing volunteer work on the car park – thank goodness for our hard-working grafters!)

The first Saturday in May fall on the 4th which is part of a Bank Holiday weekend. Records suggest we have carried on regardless in previous years, so for want of a better reason to postpone I’ve made the executive decision to hold the next Bee on the 4th. Same time , same channel – See you then!